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One-day seminars held at the Institute of Education, University of London
School of Education Foundations and Policy Studies, 20 Bedford Way, WC1
Organised by Glenn Rikowski and Tony Green

MERD I: 22nd October 2002 - Speakers included:
Stuart Hall, Shahrzad Mojab and Rachel Gorman, Les Levidov, Helen Colley, Amir Hassanpour, Elizabeth Atkinson and Mike Cole (dialgoue), Rob Willmott, and Paula Allman
MERD I in Institute of Education Newsletter, 30th Sep-6th Oct 2002, Iss 896

MERD II: 1st May 2003 - Speakers included:
Rachel Sharp, Paul Warmington, Mike Cole, Geraldine Thorpe and Pat Brady, Michael Peters, Glenn Rikowski, and David Harvie
News item about MERD II in the Paper of the Communist Paper of GB, Weekly Worker

MERD III: 22nd October 2003 - Pedagogy and Culture - Speakers included:
Paula Allman, Carmel Borg, Helen Colley, David Guile, Peter Jones, Peter Mayo, and Victoria Perselli
This session was reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Scott McLemee, 5th December 2003
Scenes for the Classroom Struggle by Scott McLemee

MERD IV: 5th May 2004 - Education and the Labour Process - Speakers included:
Ian Hextall, Dennis Beach, James Avis, Susan Robertson, Patrick Cooper-Duffy, Brian Kelly, and Ruth Rikowski
MERD IV in Institute of Education Newsletter, week commencing 3rd May 2004

MERD V: 19th October 2004 - History, State and Education - Speakers included:
Andy Green, Patrick Ainley, Michael Apple, David Hursh, Sally Tomlinson, John Wallis, Jim Crowther, Gavin Poynter and Gareth Rees

MERD VI: 4th May 2005 - Realms of Freedom, Struggles, Alternatives and Agency in Education - Speakers included:
Dennis Beach and Bob Jeffrey, Joanna Swann, Joyce Canaan, Dave Hill, Arlo Kempf, Jerome Sattarthwaite and Neil Southwell

MERD VII: 26th October 2005 - Education and Alliances for Social Change - Speakers included:
Jon Berry, Paul Feldman, Jean Spence, Richard Hatcher and Ken Jones, Martin Allen, and Alasdair Smith

MERD VIII: 3rd May 2006 - Universities plc? - Speakers included:
Dionyssios Gouvias, Tricia Walker, Stephen Cowden, Patrick Ainley, Joyce Canaan, Michael Neary

MERD IX: 25th October 2006 - Education and Social Class - Speakers included:
Gillian Evans, Carole Leathwood, Dave Hill, Dennis Hayes, Ken Roberts, Valerie Hey, Carlo Raffo, Lyn Tett, David Black, and Glenn Rikowski

MERD X: 24th October 2007 - Ten Years of New Labour: Blair's Educational Legacy and Prospects - Speakers included:
Ian Hextall and Malcolm Richardson, Molly Bellamy, Alpesh Maisuria, Dave Hill, Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley, Thaker Hafid, Philip A. Woods, and Glenn Rikowski

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