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The Flow of Ideas generates and incorporates ideas concerned with the constitution of capitalist society and its critique. This website is primarily focused on the ideas and works of Ruth Rikowski and Glenn Rikowski. However, it also contains writings and other works by members of their immediate family, namely: Alexander Rikowski, Victor Rikowski and Gregory Rikowski. It also contains material by friends and associates of Glenn and Ruth Rikowski.

We want to place ideas at the forefront. It is new ideas that drive society forward and enrich life. For us, there is an urgent need to understand and critique capitalist society and to generate ideas about progressive alternatives to it.

The Flow of Ideas places Open Marxism and radical Marxist-Humanism at the core of these aims. Thus, we are principally concerned with developing and thinking on Marxist foundations and demonstrating how Marxism is relevant to interpreting and changing the capitalist social universe that we find ourselves in today.

Educators and activists can freely reproduce the works in the Flow of Ideas, but should give due acknowledgement through appropriate referencing and citation.

Ruth and Glenn Rikowski can be contacted at: mail@flowideas.co.uk

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