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Dr Glenn Rikowski is an independent education researcher, based in London.

Some of Glenn's papers can be viewed at Academia: http://independent.academia.edu/GlennRikowski

Glenn was previously (up to 31st October 2013) a Senior Lecturer in Education Studies and was Acting Head of Education Studies (2005-06) in the School of Education at the University of Northampton.

Glenn's responsibilities included:
He was Course Leader for MA in Education Studies (2002-2006) and was Deputy Course Leader in Education Studies (2003-2006)

Glenn was Module Leader for Introduction to Education Studies; Adventures in Educational Theory and Practice; and Education, Culture and Society
He also teaches on a variety of other Education Studies modules including - Recent and Contemporary Issues in Education, Education Studies Dissertations, and Introduction to Education Research.

In addition, whilst at Northampton, Glenn taught on the BA Childhood and Youth degree at Northampton. His modules are: History of Childhood and Transitions for Children, Young People and Families

He also did some teaching on the MA in Education programme from time to time.

Glenn Rikowski was previously a Researcher at the University of Birmingham, School of Education (1994-1999)and undertook research on a wide variety of areas, including:
Employer Involvement in GNVQ (Birmingham TEC, 1994-5); The Structure of the Education Service (Zurich Municipal, 1996); The Structure of the UK Horological Industry (The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, 1997-99); the Evaluation of Funding for the Development of Continuing Vocational Education (HEFCE, 1997-98), Funding for the Future (Further Education Development Agency, 1998)and the Community Governance for Renewing Civil Society

Glenn Rikowski was also previously at the University of Central England, Faculty of Education (1999-2001).
He undertook research in areas such as Evaluation of three Education Action Zones (1999-2000); The New Deal for Partners of the Unemployed(2000, Ecorys and DfEE) and Learning Communities: Family Centres, Action Zones and Social Incluson (2001, Joseph Rowntreee Foundation)

Glenn Rikowski was the Series Editor (with Tony Green) for the Palgrave Macmillan 'Marxism and Education Series' until 2007.

Glenn Rikowski is author of The Battle in Seattle: its significance for education, 2001 and
Silence on the Wolves: What is Absent in New Labour's Five Year Strategy for Education, 2005
He has also edited a number of books with others, including:
Marxism Against Postmoderism in Educational Theory, (2002) (with Dave Hill, Peter McLaren and Mike Cole)
Postmodernism in Educational Theory: education and the politics of human resistance, (1999) (with Dave Hill, Peter McLaren and Mike Cole)
Red Chalk: On schooling, Capitalism and Politics, (2001) (with Dave Hill, Peter McLaren and Mike Cole)
Renewing Dialogues in Marxism and Education - Openings (2007) (with Anthony Green and Helen Raduntz)

See the Publications section of this website for more information in regard to these and his many other publications

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Glenn's MySpace blog, Wavering on Ether, can viewed by clicking on: Wavering on Ether

Glenn's Wordpress blog, All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski is at: http://rikowski.wordpress.com


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Following the demise of his AOL 'Volumizer' blog, Glenn Rikowski set up this new 'Volumizer' with blogspot. See Volumizer at: http://glennrikowski.blogspot.com


These can be found on this web site in the Publications section.

Alternatively, click on to:
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The Volumizer was Glenn Rikowski's AOL blog. This was started up on 29th September 2005. However, on 30th September AOL announced that all of its Hometown products, including its blogs and newsletters would be closed down on 31st October 2008. Glenn's articles, many of which were written for his students, will be preserved here at The Flow of Ideas. Links to these articles are listed below; and they are arranged chronologically:


Rikowski, G. (2008) Education As Culture Machine, 25th September, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20As%20Culture%20Machine

Rikowski, G. (2008) Notes on the Confessions of John Denham, 26th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Notes%20on%20the%20Confessions%20of%20John%20Denham

Rikowski, G. (2008) Uninspiring Towers: Higher Education Futures in the UK, 1st August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Uninspiring%20Towers

Rikowski, G. (2008) Outsourcing Public Services – with special reference to education, 26th July, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Outsourcing%20Public%20Services

Rikowski, G. (2008) Postmodern Dereliction in the Face of Neoliberal Education Policy, 27th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Postmodern%20Dereliction%20in%20the%20Face%20of%20Neoliberal%20Education%20Policy

Rikowski, G. (2008) Post-Fordism and Schools in England, 26th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Post-Fordism%20and%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2008) Marxism and Education Revisited, 25th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Marxism%20and%20Education%20Revisited

Rikowski, G. (2008) Marx and Education Revisited, 21st April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Marx%20and%20Education%20Revisited

Rikowski, G. (2008) Forms of Capital: Critique of Bourdieu on Social Capital, 15th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Bourdieu%20on%20Social%20Capital

Rikowski, G. (2008) Utopia and Education, 13th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Utopia%20and%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2008) Globalisation and Education Revisited, 2nd March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Globalisation%20and%20Education%20Revisited

Rikowski, G. (2008) Snowballs and Risk in Schools, 16th February, London, online: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Snowballs%20and%20Risk%20in%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2008) Nihilism and the De-valuation of Educational Values in England, 10th February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Nihilism%20and%20Educational%20Values

Rikowski, G (2008) Education Incorporated: New Labour, the Knowledge Economy and Education, London, 3rd February, online at:
http://www.flowideas.co.uk/index.php?page=articles&sub=Education Incorporated

Rikowski, G. (2008) Are We Loving It? McDonaldization and Education, 23rd January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=McDonaldization%20and%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2008) No Learner Left Unhassled, 12th January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=No%20Learner%20Left%20Unhassled

Rikowski, G. (2008) Forms of Capital: Critique of Bourdieu on Cultural Capital, 6th January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Bourdieu%20on%20Cultural%20Capital


Rikowski, G. (2007) Forms of Capital: Critique of Bourdieu on Capital, 18th December, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Bourdieu%20on%20Capital

Rikowski, G. (2007) Multiculturalism and Faith Schools, 2nd December, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Multiculturalism%20and%20Faith%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2007) Marketisation of the Schools System in England, 25th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Marketisation%20of%20the%20Schools%20System%20in%20England

Rikowski, G. (2007) A Capital-friendly Culture for Further Education in the UK, 17th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=A%20Capital%20Friendly%20Culture%20for%20Further%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2007) New Labour’s Policy for Schools: Success, Hype or Just Ploughing on Regardless? 16th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=New%20Labour%20Policy%20for%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2007) When Bullies Roam the School, 3rd November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=When%20Bullies%20Roam%20the%20School

Rikowski, G. (2007) Learning to the Max, with Play off the Tracks, 27th October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Learning%20to%20the%20Max

Rikowski, G. (2007) On Education Studies, 3rd October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=On%20Education%20Studies

Rikowski, G. (2007) Ambassadors of Capital: Business Leaders as Head Teachers, 19th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Ambassadors%20of%20Capital%20in%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2007) The Wilby Thesis: A Backward Step for School Privatisation? 18th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Peter%20Wilby%20on%20School%20Privatisation

Rikowski, G. (2007) After the Hillcole Group of Radical Left Educators, 8th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=After%20the%20Hillcole%20Group

Rikowski, G. (2007) An Educational Mansion House for Business, 8th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=An%20Educational%20Mansion%20House%20for%20Business

Rikowski, G. (2007) Brown’s PFI Monster Creates Education Spending and Policy Crisis (in Three Parts), 31st July, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Brown%20PFI%20Monster

Rikowski, G. (2007) Finance and Fear: Lessons in Money and Debt, 27th July, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Finance%20and%20Fear

Rikowski, G. (2007) Education the HSBC Way, 23rd July, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20the%20HSBC%20Way

Rikowski, G. (2007) Robotic Ethics, 20th June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Robotic%20Ethics

Rikowski, G. (2007) PowerPointlessness in Higher Education, 17th June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=PowerPointlessness%20in%20Higher%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2007) Learning Investments: New Private Schools and New Labour Dilemmas in Educational Services Exports, 14th June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Learning%20Investments

Rikowski, G. (2007) Ayers Rocked In His Own Universe, 15th June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Ayers%20Rocked%20In%20His%20Own%20Universe

Rikowski, G. (2007) Education Repetition: Brown Follows Blair’s Neoliberal Education Reform Agenda, 8th June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20Repetition

Rikowski, G. (2007) Academy Chains: Building on the Neoliberal Education Policy of Tony Blair, 3rd June, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Academy%20Chains

Rikowski, G. (2007) My Tony Blair, and His Neoliberal Education Policies, 12th May, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=My%20Tony%20Blair

Rikowski, G. (2007) Edison Schools in the UK, 23rd April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Edison%20Schools%20in%20the%20UK

Rikowski, G. (2007) Learning in the Earthworks of Capital: The JCB Academy, 31st March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Learning%20in%20the%20Earthworks%20of%20Capital

Rikowski, G. (2007) The ‘Standards’ Language-game for Schools in England Today, 26th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20Standards%20Language-game%20for%20Schools%20in%20England

Rikowski, G. (2007) E-learning for Free at the BBC: Jam Jammed, 16th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=E-learning%20for%20Free%20at%20the%20BBC

Rikowski, G. (2007) Privatisation of Student Debt, 16th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Privatisation%20of%20Student%20Debt

Rikowski, G. (2007) Universities in a Neoliberal World, by Alex Callinicos (Reviewed by Glenn Rikowski), 5th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Universities%20in%20a%20Neoliberal%20World

Rikowski, G. (2007) Mrs Thatcher and Holes in the Kitchen Floor, 22nd February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Mrs%20Thatcher%20and%20Holes%20in%20the%20Kitchen%20Floor

Rikowski, G. (2007) When the Bowers Break, 22nd February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=When%20the%20Bowers%20Break

Rikowski, G. (2007) Ultra-Blairite, Contra Progress: Co-payment in Hospitals and Schools, 15th February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Co-payment%20in%20Hospitals%20and%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2007) Socialism is not Dead, 31st January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Socialism%20is%20not%20Dead

Rikowski, G. (2007) Education for Debt, 22nd January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20for%20Debt

Rikowski, G. (2007) Planet of the Capitorg, 7th January, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Planet%20of%20the%20Capitorg


Rikowski, G. (2006) The Last Parents’ Evening, 18th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20Last%20Parents%20Evening

Rikowski, G. (2006) Playground Risks and Handcuffed Kids: We Need Safer Schools? 10th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Playgound%20Risks%20and%20Handcuffed%20Kids

Rikowski, G. (2006) Lazy Brit Kids? London, 10th November, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Lazy%20Brit%20Kids

Rikowski, G. (2006) Education Fireworks! 5th November, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20Fireworks

Rikowski, G. (2006) Compulsory Consumption: Uni-Nanny, Truancy and Retention in Higher Education, 22nd October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Compulsory%20Consumption%20and%20Uni-Nanny

Rikowski, G. (2006) What Can Nietzsche Teach Ya? 16th October, Northampton, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=What%20Can%20Nietzsche%20Teach%20Ya

Rikowski, G. (2006) Conforming Schools, Conforming Kids? 15th October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Conforming%20Schools%20Conforming%20Kids

Rikowski, G. (2006) Moneythought in Higher Education, 15th October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Moneythought%20in%20Higher%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2006) Stroppy Individuals or Oppositional Cultures in Schools Today? 7th October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Stroppy%20Individuals%20and%20Oppositional%20Cultures%20in%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2006) The New Japanisation of Schools: A Big Bang Scenario? 31st August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20New%20Japanisation%20of%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2006) The Long Moan of History: Employers on School-Leavers, 28th August, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Employers%20and%20School%20Leavers

Rikowski, G. (2006) Creeping Privatisation in Higher Education? 6th April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Creeping%20Privatisation%20in%20Higher%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2006) School Fees, Local Education Authorities and the 1944 Education Act, 1st April, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=School%20Fees%20and%20the%201944%20Education%20Act

Rikowski, G. (2006) The Business Takeover of Further Education and the Further Education White Paper, 28th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Business%20Takeover%20of%20Further%20Education

Rikowski, G. (2006) Wolf on Marx without Sparks, 27th March, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Wolf%20on%20Marx%20Without%20Sparks

Rikowski, G. (2006) Education and Inspections Bill: A Case of Educational Traducianism, 28th February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Education%20and%20Inspections%20Bill%20(2006)

Hatcher, R. (2006) Privatisation in England – A Reply to Rikowski’s ‘Dentist’s Chair’ Paper, 12th February, Birmingham, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Privatisation%20of%20Schools%20in%20England

Rikowski, G. (2006) Everything Louder Than Everything Else, 7th February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Everything%20Louder%20Than%20Everything%20Else

Rikowski, G. (2006) Higher Education and Confused Employer Syndrome, 7th February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Higher%20Education%20and%20Confused%20Employer%20Syndrome

Rikowski, G. (2006) On Transhumanism and Education, 1st February, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=On%20Transhumanism%20and%20Education


Rikowski, G. (2005) Hutton’s E-Foss, London, 23rd November, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Will%20Hutton%20and%20His%20E-Foss

Hatcher, R. (2005) Business Sponsorship of Schools: For-profit takeover or agents of neoliberal change? 5th November, Birmingham, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Business%20Sponsorship%20of%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2005) The Education White Paper and the Marketisation and Capitalisation of the Schools System in England (in two parts), London, 24th October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20Education%20White%20Paper%20and%20the%20Marketisation%20of%20Schools

Rikowski, G. (2005) Habituation of the Nation: School Sponsors as Precursors to the Big Bang? London, 19th October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Habituation%20of%20the%20Nation

Rikowski, G. (2005) On Education for Its Own Sake, 17th October, London, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=On%20Education%20for%20Its%20Own%20Sake

Rikowski, G. (2005) Second Time as Farce: From GM Schools to Independent Ones, London, 9th October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Second%20Time%20as%20Farce

Rikowski, G. (2005) Kids in the Land of No Dreams, London, 7th October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=Kids%20in%20the%20Land%20of%20No%20Dreams

Rikowski, G. (2005) The Business of Becoming a Business for Academies, London, 7th October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20Business%20of%20Becoming%20a%20Business%20for%20Academies

Rikowski, G. (2005) The Capitalisation of Schools: Federations and Academies, London, 1st October, online at: http://www.flowideas.co.uk/?page=articles&sub=The%20Capitalisation%20of%20Schools%20-%20Federations%20and%20Academies

Following the demise of the old AOL 'Volumizer', Glenn has set up a new Volumizer at: http://glennrikowski.blogspot.com/

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